Angelina Jolie says she’s figuring out her style as she recalls wanting to look ‘soft’ after being ‘hurt’

Angelina Jolie has admitted that she’s still trying to figure out what her style is, as she opened up about wanting to look “soft” after being “hurt” in the past.
The actor, 48, spoke candidly about her fashion sense during a recent interview to discuss her new brand, Atelier Jolie. She began by describing how she believes people perceive her based on the clothes she wears.
“Sometimes the way you dress says: ‘Don’t mess with me – I’ve got my armour on,’” she said. “But I want a woman to feel safe enough that she can be soft.”
The Maleficent star revealed that when she was faced with a difficult time in her life, she was ultimately encouraged to choose clothes that made her look “soft”.
“After I went through something where I was hurt, I had a therapist ask if I would try wearing a flowing garment,” she said. “Sounds silly, but I assumed that pants and boots projected a ‘tougher’ look, a stronger me. But was I strong enough to be soft?”

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