First Balochi feature film ‘Doda’ released countrywide

By Mushtaq A. Subhani

A full-length Balochi feature film ‘Doda’, which was shown at the Karachi Art Festival in 2016, has now finally been released last week at cinema houses all over the country.

It is considered the first feature film to be produced in Balochi language after ‘Hammal O Mahganj’, which was produced in,1976, 46 years ago by Anwar Iqbal but unfortunately it could not be released due to protests by Baloch nationalists who alleged it misrepresented Balochi culture.

Later, Anwar Iqbal acted in TV plays for a long period.

The second Balochi film ‘Sangat’ by Sami Sarang, was released in 2017, and next year in 2018, a film ‘Zaraab’ by Jaan Al Balushi, won several awards.

Directed by Adil Bizenjo, ‘Doda’, is a Balochi language film but it has been dubbed in Urdu for the people in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkha and Sindh.

The film tells the story of a young boxer from Lyari, who wants to get international fame in this sport.

However, boxing is just one part of the film’s plot, says its director.

The boxer’s role has been played by a young actor Shoaib Hasan, who said he had trained for three months as a boxer to prepare for the shooting.

Abila Kurd has played the role of Shoaib’s love interest while other members of the cast were Fizza Bibi, Imran Baloch, Shakoor Baloch.

Veteran actor Anwar Iqbal, the hero and producer of the first Balochi film ‘Hammal O Mahganj’ (not shown at cinemas), also acted in this movie. It was his one of the last acting assignments before his death on July 1, 2021.

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