First Pakistani couple summits world’s 8th highest peak in Nepal

Lahore-based couple, Ahmed Uzair and Anum Uzair, have become the first Pakistani couple to summit the world’s eighth-highest peak Mt Manaslu — 8,163 metres tall — in Nepal.
According to mountaineering company Seven Summit Treks, which spearheaded the climb, the husband-wife duo successfully climbed the peak today along with three Sherpas.
Alpine Club of Pakistan Secretary Karrar Haidri told that the couple “have created history” by becoming the first Pakistani couple to summit the peak.
“Pakistan feels incredibly proud of this outstanding accomplishment by Ahmed and Anum,” he said.
Pakistani climber Shehroze Kashif, who himself summited Manaslu recently, also congratulated the couple.
Pakistani climbers Naila Kiani and Sirbaz Khan had also successfully completed the ascent of Manaslu peak.
Kiani had achieved the milestone of becoming the first Paki­stani woman to conquer nine out of the 14 highest mountains in the world with her Manaslu summit.


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