Increasing demand of rice may benefit Pakistan

A report on ‘World Food Outlook’, the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations says the intensification of demand for rice from all regions of the world, except Asia, is expected to benefit Pakistan to register strong rebounds in 2022.
The international trade in rice is anticipated to expand for the third consecutive year in 2022, with volumes exchanged across the world forecast at 53.1 million tonnes —- three percent higher than the 2021 peak.
The FAO’s recently released biannual report says this may benefit shipment from Brazil, China, Pakistan, Uruguay and especially Thailand. India is predicted to remain the world’s largest rice exporter.
In Pakistan, the record high output of rice stood at 9.323 million tonnes during 2020-21 — higher by 10.7 percent than previous year’s production of 8.420 million tonnes.
Official statistics showed that from the last couple of years, area under rice cultivation is witnessing a rising trend.

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