Indian woman visits her childhood home in Pakistan after 75 years

Ninety-year-old Reena Verma finally came back to the house in Rawalpindi city that she had dreamed about for 75 years.

Ms. Verma, who had travelled to Pakistan from the western Indian city of Pune, was warmly welcomed by the people of the area in Rawalpindi. They shower her with rose petals as she walked towards the house on College Road. They played drums and danced with her to celebrate her arrival, BBC reported.

Ms. Verma’s family had left Rawalpindi in 1947, weeks before the Partition which led to the creation of two independent nations, India and Pakistan.

However, Ms. Verma never stopped thinking about her childhood home which her father had built with his savings.

When Ms. Verma stayed inside her childhood home for two hours. The olive-green facade of the building was freshly painted.

She later told reporters that the house was still very much the same — the tiles, the roofs and the fireplace —  and that it reminded her of the beautiful life she once had here and the loved ones that she had lost.

“My heart is grieving but I’m thankful to be around to experience a moment I’ve been waiting for a lifetime,” she said.

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