Margot Robbie is this year’s highest-paid actress

Margot Robbie is a big movie star, having performances in Oscar-nominated films and superhero stories. Now, following the reveal of her “Barbie” paycheck, she’s this year’s highest-paid actress.
According to a report that broke down some of the year’s biggest salaries, Robbie is being paid 12.5 million for her performance in “Barbie.” Her co-star, Ryan Gosling, is also earning the same amount of money.
While high, this paycheck is not the highest on the list. Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt are each earning 30 million for upcoming films. At the top of the list lies Tom Cruise, who earned 100 million following the success of “Top Gun: Maverick.” Cruise’s insane paycheck is an exception; he has a contract that provides him with box office bonuses, which thus earn him more money as the movie breaks box office records all over the world.
Robbie is the highest-paid female actor this year. While she’s had big credits to her name, she only made 10 million for the superhero film “Birds of Prey.”

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