Melisa Raouf to be first person to contest for Miss England without make-up

Melisa Raouf will be the first person to compete in the final of the Miss England contest without make-up in it’s nearly 100-year-history, in a bid to show girls they don’t have to wear it to feel beautiful.

“I wanted to prove we have a choice,” she told BBC News. “We don’t have to wear make-up we don’t want to.”

The 20-year-old student from south London, won a special “bare-face” round of the competition last week, competing her place in the final between 40 contestants on October 17.

But while previous winners of this round have returned to wearing make-up for the final, she will not. And if she wins, she says she will leave it off for the Miss World competition, hoping to “inspire the world”.

Since last week’s bare-face round, Ms. Raouf says she has been “overwhelmed” by positive messages on social media.

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