Pakistani manufacturer exporting to US 100,000 tonnes of cement monthly

DG Khan Cement Company, one of the largest cement manufacturers of Pakistan, has entered the US market by fulfilling the contract of 100,000 tonnes monthly supply of cement to Texas.
The US is short of cement production, and importing it from Mexico, Canada and Turkey.
The demand for the construction material has increased manifolds with buyers looking for other options too following President Joe Biden’s $6 trillion infrastructure package.
Under the package, all the mega infrastructure in US including roads, bridges and others would be rebuilt as constructed almost a century ago.
“This is a great opportunity for Pakistani cement manufacturers to explore a new established, stable market of cement. Previously, Pakistan has only been in unstable regional markets of Afghanistan, India and Bangladesh, with some supplies to Africa,” director DG Khan Cement Company Fareed Fazal said, adding that the US was the biggest and sophisticated market with huge potential.

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