Robert Downey Jr. Celebrates 18 Years of Marriage with Wife Susan Downey: ‘Love Still in Bloom’

Robert Downey Jr. is celebrating 18 years of marriage with his wife Susan Downey.
The Iron Man actor, 58, shared two photos of him and his film producer wife, 49, to mark their wedding anniversary. In the first snap, which was taken from the couple’s 2005 wedding, Downey can be seen romantically pressing his face against Susan’s face as she looks down while wearing a silk wedding gown and holding a bouquet of pink and white flowers.
Recreating their wedding photo in the second picture, Downey can again be seen pressing his face against Susan’s — this time while she wears a white T-shirt and holds a bunch of yellow sunflowers.
“18 years, love still in bloom!!” Downey wrote in his Instagram caption.

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