Salma Hayek Shared Candid Footage of Her Fan-Mobbed Dinner With Tom Cruise

Salma Hayek might be rethinking her dinner invite to friend Tom Cruise as a casual night out turned into a chaotic fan mob of selfies. The two A-listers, along with Hayek’s husband Francois-Henri Pinault, tried to enjoy an evening out on the town, but it’s pretty much mission impossible when you’re Maverick.

Hayek’s carousel of videos should be a warning for anyone who wants to be famous. This isn’t just a few admirers asking for a selfie, this is swarms of people hovering around the 60-year-old actor in a bar. It might make the most relaxed person anxious, but Cruise kept his cool, smiling for one photo after another as the fans clamored around him. (Hayek looks downright horrified by the scene in the first image.) Did anyone even notice that Hayek was there? She’s pretty famous too. Her caption pretty much sums up the evening, “When you take your friend Tom to dinner.”

Cruise and Hayek have known each other for almost two decades after he produced the 2006 movie, Ask the Dust, that she starred in with Colin Farrell. They’ve stayed in touch over the years and have been spotted together whenever Hayek visits London, Cruise’s home these days. After the public’s antics, the trio (Cruise was third-wheeling on the couple’s dinner date) might want to consider hiring a private chef in a secure hotel suite for quieter dinner conversation.

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