Scarlett Johansson unveils her new skincare line and fans are going crazy: ‘Take all my money!’

Scarlett Johansson has officially announced that her new skincare line is coming very soon! The 37-year-old Hollywood star is entering the beauty industry with her new brand ‘The Outset.’
The new beauty collection will be launched on March 1, and will have four products, carefully crafted to achieve a simple skincare routine. Some of the new products have been already described to “do more with less” and “find freedom in the uncomplicated.”
‘The Outset’ already has an overnight social media following of more than 40,000 followers, with fans of the actress showing how excited they are for the launch. “Reborning myself when I get this,” one person wrote, while someone else commented, “Love the clean and elegant aesthetic.”
Scarlett explained that she has been “the face of several luxury brands” throughout her career “and all of those experiences were really wonderful,” however she “always felt like I was sort of playing a character in those campaigns.”
“And as I evolved, I wanted to create and represent a brand that was true to me,” the actress shared, in reference to the creation of her new brand, during a recent interview with Vogue.
The beauty line has a clear objective, as it was shared on social media: “At The Outset, we believe in the power of a fresh start. No matter where you are on your skincare journey, today can be The Start of You.”

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