Doctors should not suggest costly dengue tests: PMA

The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has advised doctors not to suggest costly tests as dengue virus can be detected by spending just Rs300 to Rs700.

Doctors are suggesting tests that cost Rs2,100 to Rs2,500, said PMA secretary general Dr. Qaisar Sajjad while talking recently to Dawn in Islamabad.

“A dengue patient can be confirmed by conducting a platelets test which costs Rs300. In case of further confirmation, complete blood count (CBC) can be carried out,” he said.

However expressing its concern over the rising number of dengue patients across the country, the PMA suggested that the government should immediately start an anti-mosquito spray campaign in flood-affected areas to eliminate mosquitoes because there is no vaccine or specific treatment for dengue.

It said spray should also be done inside and outside hospitals, schools, offices, plant nurseries and gardens and tyre repair shops.

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