Karachi Kings finally manage to get the best out of Babar, in the worst possible way

There was a notion when the Pakistan Super League (PSL) started that has now been firmly put to bed. It was that that there can be no losers in this league. The logic going that since no matter what happens, a Pakistani team will win and hence nobody is truly losing here. Yet such is the nature of competitive sport that that cannot hold true. If there are no losers, then there can be no winners. At this level, that simply cannot be.
There is another notion that has been put to bed by T20 cricket and that is that cricket is a gentleman’s game. The shortest format is terribly cut-throat, and it is ruthlessly vicious.
No quarter is given or asked, and no prisoners are kept. This is not for the faint-hearted. This is hair-raising adrenaline-pumping business, there is nowhere to hide, no moment of respite, no time to be gentle or polite when whoever is at the other end of those 22 yards is baying for blood.
Rivalries in sports are therefore not only inevitable but also beneficial, and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. The only thing better than supremely talented players pitting their wits and skills against each other is fired-up supremely talented rivals pitting their wits and skills against each other.

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