Pakistan among 16 countries at risk from toxic fat: WHO

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Pakistan is among the nine of the 16 countries with the highest estimated proportion of coronary heart disease deaths caused by trans fat intake. They are not implementing best-practice policies.

Other eight countries are Australia, Azarbaijan, Bhutan, Ecuador, Egypt, Iran, Nepal and South Korea.

The WHO called on the countries to take urgent action to implement the best-practice policies.

Industrially produced trans fat is often used in packaged foods, baked goods, cooking oils and spreads.

Although 43 countries with combined populations of 2.8 billion people have now implemented best-practice policies, most of the world remains unprotected, the WHO said.

”Put simply, trans fat is a toxic chemical that kills and should have no place in food. It’s time to get rid of it once and for all,” it said.

The Who appealed for $2.54 billion to help millions facing health emergencies around the world in 2023. The WHO said it was currently responding to an unprecedented number of intersecting health emergencies.